The Power to Choose Clean Energy

WattTime is a nonprofit that offers technology solutions that make it easy for anyone to achieve emissions reductions without compromising cost, comfort, and function.


Grid emissions intensity on a scale of 1 - 100 relative to each location. Lower on scale is the cleanest this grid gets and higher on the scale is the dirtiest this grid gets.


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“How clean is my electricity if I use it right now?”

Now your customers can know. Our breakthrough, proprietary technology detects which power plants are powering your devices and when. Our solutions can empower any IoT device, from thermostats to electric vehicles, to automatically prioritize energy from cleaner generation sources.

AER in All Devices Everywhere

Now any electricity-using, internet-connected device can automatically run at times when energy is cleanest. We call this practice “Automated Emissions Reduction”. AER doesn't impact energy costs, device functionality or experience and implements with the ease of a software update.

Solutions For Everyone

AER is a flexible solution that can be tailored in various ways to provide substantial value across many audiences.
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