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The WattTime Core API provides a platform that enables seamless integration of marginal carbon emissions data into third party business applications. With a global coverage, high frequency, and locational granularity, smart devices can be empowered to consume energy at optimal times to lower emissions.


Core API

Built upon our open source project pyiso, the WattTime API offers streamlined access to power grid data including our proprietary marginal emissions data for reducing GHG's in real-time at 5-minute and hourly time granularity. Data is provided at a location-based mapping for individual power grid boundaries for marginal carbon intensities and power fuel mixes.
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Explorer: Interactive Emissions Map

Emissions constantly vary by time and location. This demo showcases the emissions index of balancing authorities, illustrating the type of information AER feeds into applications.
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The WattTime API provides the building blocks to integrate marginal carbon emissions data into a variety of applications and provides an automated process for emissions reductions without impacting functionality. Integrating emissions data allows third-party providers and devices to make the best choices using real-time insights and forecast to plan ahead.