Executive Director and Co-Founder of WattTime Selected as Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation Entrepreneur

Cleantech innovator Gavin McCormick joins DRK Foundation’s portfolio of highly impactful social enterprise leaders.

WattTime Selected as Finalist for 2018 Global Energy Awards

S&P Global Platts names WattTime a finalist for “Emerging Technology of the Year”.

Partnership with Building Clouds

WattTime partners with Building Clouds to give large commercial or industrial facilities the power to cut emissions through WattTime-enabled technology in nearly any equipment.

Energate and WattTime.org Partner to Enable Smart Thermostat to Maximize Use of Environmentally Friendly Resources

Energate Inc Launches First WattTime-Enabled Thermostat

WattTime celebrates Earth Day by launching a new partnership with Energate, maker of the HōlHōm smart thermostat. A “Clean Power Mode,” powered by WattTime, is incorporated into a select few devices in the Chicago area.

WattTime launches a pollution reduction collaboration in the Great Lakes

WattTime received a substantial grant from the Great Lakes Protection Fund to lead a coalition of nonprofits and companies in reducing mercury pollution from coal plants.

WattTime featured at the UC Carbon Neutrality Summit

WattTime joins the University of California Carbon Neutrality Summit as one of two featured startups for the Entrepreneurs forum to speak on innovative climate change solutions.

JuiceBox Green 40 is now ready to order on Amazon

WattTime partners with eMotorWerks to enable the JuiceBox Green 40 EV charger to optimize for the cleanest energy using AER technology.

First HVAC Install with Building Clouds

UC Berkeley begins optimizing part of its HVAC energy loads to cut carbon emissions with WattTime.

eMotorWerks and WattTime reveal world’s first EV charging solution that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions

eMotorWerks and WattTime announce the launch of JuiceBox Green 40, a smart EV charging station capable of automatically reducing the carbon footprint of EV charging.