Solutions for Demand Response Programs

Solutions for Demand Response Programs

AER + DR = Seamless, Continuous, Better

Enhance your existing commercial and residential DR programs with AER. You can boost program participation and customer satisfaction, while tapping into year-round emissions reduction benefits that simply aren’t possible with traditional DR programs that activate only infrequently.

Helping Demand Response Programs Go Further
Seamless Integration
Preserve traditional DR financial incentives of paying participating customers to respond to critical peak demand events. AER is a complementary addition to your existing DR program.
Boost Program Participation and Customer Satisfaction
Attract new program participants and increase participant engagement by embedding your DR program with something they care about: reducing their emissions.
AER is designed to easily work with any smart device: appliances, electronics, thermostats, electric vehicles, battery energy storage. As utility customers adopt more and more distributed energy resources, AER is ready.
AER is designed from the beginning to look like, feel like, and authentically be a consumer product. It never interrupts device cycles, always makes its operations clear, and leaves the user in charge.
Unlock Year-Round Value
Enable your DR program to do more through AER’s continuous 24/7/365 software signal. Now there’s no reason to limit DR’s potential to activating just a few times each year.

DR vs. DR + AER Acceptance Rate

Compared to 5% acceptance rate into a traditional DR program, we’ve seen a 67% uptake when a customer was offered DR + AER (Delta Institute study)
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