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No tailpipe emissions, and now, even lower grid emissions

Electric vehicles (EVs) and other e-mobility options eliminate tailpipe emissions, but they’re not emissions-free. They trade tailpipe emissions for grid emissions. Although they’re cleaner than internal combustion engine vehicles—including when charged on “dirty” grids—they can be even cleaner. WattTime’s flexible Automated Emissions Reduction (AER) solution enables EVs to charge with cleaner energy and avoid dirtier energy, yielding greater reductions in transportation- and mobility-related emissions. In field tests, more than 80% of randomly selected EV customers actively take steps to opt in to this feature.

Environmental Impact Optimization

Seamless technology integration can work on the vehicle side, charging station side, or both for integrating the AER signal into EV and similar charging
Let customers charge EV's on surplus renewable energy
No customer disruption ensures that customer vehicles are properly charged when they are needed
Access to proprietary marginal emissions data and verified real-time, location-based software provide best-in-class inputs

WattTime Brings Automatic Emissions Reduction To EV Drivers — Cleantechnica

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EMotorWerks created a first-of-its-kind EV charger built with AER that chooses to use power when it's cleanest without impacting expected charge times.

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