Solutions for IoT Devices

Solutions for IoT Devices

With AER, smart devices get even smarter

From smart homes to smart energy, the IoT device market is exploding. But it’s also a crowded space. Help your products stand out from the competition by incorporating features consumers increasingly demand: energy choice that lets them reduce their environmental impact.
One of our partners added AER to its smart device offering and saw a 10% boost in sales
AER is Made for IoT Devices
Simple Software Update
AER doesn't impact device cost or functionality, but does enable smart devices to reduce the real-time environmental impact associated with their electricity use.
Consumer-driven Design
AER never interrupts device cycles, always makes its operations clear, and leaves the user in charge.
Flexible Deployment
Whether you want to leverage the brand credibility of WattTime and our parent, Rocky Mountain Institute, or you’re looking for a white-label capability to integrate as a feature into your device and marketing, AER is flexible to meet your needs.
AER is designed to easily work with any smart device: appliances, electronics, thermostats, electric vehicles, battery energy storage. AER is ready for your device.
Widespread Applications
Most devices don’t need constant energy and can do more than simply claim that they are energy-efficient. Powered by AER, they can also consume cleaner energy at the same time by adjusting the timing of their electricity use.

Did you know?

The majority of electricity demand in the United States is flexible and could adjust the timing of exactly when it does—and doesn’t—use energy.

AER Works With Any Smart Device




Home & Building Energy Management Systems

Water Heaters

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Electric Vehicles

Try it Yourself: Smart plugs powered by WattTime

You can set up a smart plug to run AER from WattTime in under 10 minutes. This at-home or at-work demo gives you a taste of what this technology is all about. SMART PLUG SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS
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