Solutions for Organizational Sustainability Initiatives

Unlocking greater emissions reductions from your energy-related sustainability investments

If you’re a sustainability director or energy manager, we get it: you have diverse initiatives, competing priorities, limited budget, ambitious targets, cumbersome accounting and reporting. When it comes to managing GHGs from corporate electricity consumption, you’ve often had only two levers to pull: invest in efficiency or invest in renewables. WattTime’s flexible Automated Emissions Reduction (AER) solution gives you an easy, cost-effective third option. Meanwhile, our emissionality analysis can unlock even greater avoided emissions benefits from your renewable energy investments.

Emissions Reductions in the Workplace

Work with facility operators and energy managers to reduce Scope II emissions associated with electricity consumption in your buildings and facilities
Get more out of your participation in demand response programs, by adding environmental impacts into your response activations
Align business operations with organizational sustainability and innovation goals, while streamlining your GHG reporting
Seize low-hanging fruit that’s cost-effective and implements as easily as updating an app on your smartphone

Renewable Energy Project Selection

Whether evaluating locations for new on-site renewable energy such as commercial rooftop solar on your facilities, or considering RFP responses for a utility-scale PPA to procure large-scale wind or solar, our "emissionality" analysis can help you achieve up to 30% greater avoided emissions benefits from the same dollar spend investment in renewable energy
Reach GHG reduction and sustainability targets faster and for better per-dollar ROI by choosing renewable energy projects in places that deliver stronger emissions-reduction benefits

Using emissions profiles developed by WattTime, we validated the impact of Boston University’s strategic decision to select a wind project in South Dakota. We determined their renewable energy investment would have two to three times the impact of selecting a project in New England.

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"Two of the most important things we provide for our clients are accountability and transparency. WattTime's marginal emissions data provides our customers a complete view of their renewable energy generation and carbon offsets, creating a new standard for sustainability and transforming areas of cost into future centers of profit.” - Evan Caron, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Swytch

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