Working with Regulators

Trusted, science-based marginal emissions insights to inform policy making and regulation

How do you ensure that regulations successfully help achieve policy goals? And how do you navigate unintended side effects when new technologies and innovations introduce unforeseen challenges—and opportunities? WattTime’s trusted, science-based marginal emissions expertise provides unprecedented insight that can support energy storage mandates and policies, renewable energy project siting, utility ratemaking, distributed energy resource grid integration, and much more.

Achieve Win-Win Solutions

Address risks associated with unintentional emissions increase of time-shifting programs
Measure impacts in a framework ready for external reporting and internal program comparisons
Access a cutting-edge toolkit of software features that enables win-win solutions instead of trade-offs

The California PUC recognizes that storage emissions is a problem and is proactively implementing a SGIP policy based on a real-time signal to reduce emissions, in service of the state moving closer to reaching its impressive carbon neutrality goal.

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