Solutions For Renewable Energy Projects

Identifying where to site new renewable energy projects for greater avoided emissions

All renewable energy is good, but not all renewable energy is created equal. Where solar, wind and other renewable energy projects are built greatly influences how much fossil-fueled emissions they displace. Our technology detects exactly which power plants your clean energy displaces, so you can build more renewable energy in the right places to do the most good advancing the clean energy revolution.

Project Siting Based on Emissionality

Location selection based on proprietary marginal emissions data
Holding all else equal (project budget, MW build side, interconnection possibilities), achieve up to a 380% increase in avoided GHG emissions
Differentiate your proposed projects from the competition in RFP responses to power purchase agreements and other tenders for new renewable energy
Help your offtakers—utilities, corporations—maximize the positive impact of their renewable energy investments

Nearly 2/3 of the Fortune 100 manage GHGs by setting ambitious renewable energy targets

Some fossil fuel plants are up to three times more GHG-intensive than others

On average, Emissionality offers corporations 34% more avoided emissions from their large-scale renewable energy investments

On November 13, 2020, Nucor announced a contract to buy solar power via a virtual PPA. The Nucor project is the largest PPA yet signed worldwide for off-site renewable energy projects in the steel industry. But it’s how Nucor evaluated renewable energy projects and chose its investment that is arguably the most noteworthy.

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Using emissions profiles developed by WattTime, we validated the impact of Boston University’s strategic decision to select a wind project in South Dakota. We determined their renewable energy investment would have two to three times the impact of selecting a project in New England.

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By optimizing for avoided emissions when selecting location, corporations can squeeze 34% more avoided emissions out of their large-scale renewable energy investments. In terms of 2017’s corporate procurement, that equates to more than 2.5 million additional metric tons of avoided emissions, equivalent to pulling more than 540,000 cars off the road.

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