Solutions using Satellites & Remote Sensing

Additional solutions coming soon


You’ve got your eye on a holistic approach to deploying energy emissions-reducing technology or policy and you want to do it on a global scale. The problem: inconsistent, minimal, or unavailable data for all of the places you work. That’s about to change with the power plant-level emissions open data network we’re building.

Global, open, power plant-level data

Addresses the gaps left by governments without open data networks
Shares open emissions data about power plants worldwide
Power-plant level solutions coming in late 2020
All WattTime core features enabled to every location on Earth by the end of 2021

Global Emissions Monitoring with Climate TRACE

A collaboration of global tech organizations to track nearly all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions at their source
Dramatic potential to accelerate choice and climate progress driven by transparency, equity and commitment to potential impact
Includes Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and welcomes others to help activate this work

We’ll soon know the exact air pollution from every power plant in the world. That’s huge.

Satellite data plus artificial intelligence equals no place to hide.


We Can Solve the Climate Crisis by Tracing Pollution Back to Its Sources. A New Coalition Will Make It Possible.

"Through Climate TRACE, we will equip business leaders and investors, NGOs and climate activists, as well as international, domestic, and local policy leaders with an essential tool to fully realize the economic and societal benefits of a clean energy future, while ensuring that no one — corporation, country, or otherwise — will ever again have the ability to hide or fake their emissions data."


How to Track the Emissions of Every Power Plant on the Planet from Space

It’s easy to measure greenhouse gases but hard to tell where the gases came from. Using satellite images and AI, we’re about to change that.

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