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DR programs which incorporate AER engage more ratepayers, deeper

Today's utility is under increasing pressure to do more: integrate more renewable energy and distributed energy resources (DER), respond more to customer choice, reduce emissions, and diversify to new revenue opportunities. WattTime's flexible Automated Emissions Reduction (AER) solution puts a new tool at your disposal: simple, plug-and-play integrated software, analysis and storytelling that bridges grid-edge smart devices with greater customer engagement.

Demand Response Program Integration

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Adds a 24/7/365 emissions reduction opportunity to your DR program
Increases DR program participation, retention, and customer satisfaction
Can lower energy and customer acquisition costs
Smart-device-agnostic for seamless technology integration

API Pro Access

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Access to proprietary marginal emissions data
Streamlined integration with power grid data
Measure and validate emissions impacts in a verifiable way
Model effects of changes in program from DR to TOU rates

The Great Lakes Protection Fund is working with WattTime on reducing mercury emissions in the Great Lakes by pairing traditional demand response programs with AER. This combination is shown to drive up consumer participation and environmental benefits, while still delivering financial and reliability outcomes across the value chain. Read our December 2020 white paper about a pilot program in the Chicago area engaging customers with AER-based environmental demand response.

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