WattTime Smart Plug Set-up

Make your smart plug an emissions reducing hero

With the help of WattTime, any electricity-using, internet-connected device can automatically run at times when energy is cleanest. We call this practice “Automated Emissions Reduction”. AER doesn’t impact cost or functionality and is so easy to set-up that anyone can get a demo of it running in a few minutes with a two-step process.

Let’s Get Started 

You’ll need: 

  • Smart Plug (HS100, HS110, we like TP-Link HS100)
  • Wifi (2.4GHz bandwidth)
  • Lamp
  • Your smartphone to set it all up – connected to your local wifi

Step 1: Set-up 3 Accounts + Follow the In-app Prompts

(1) Kasa

• Download and open the free Kasa Smart app on your smartphone
• Follow the prompts to set up an account and connect your smart plug


• Open IFTTT in a web browser or through their app and set-up an account
• Search for “WattTime” and then choose the “Control a TP-Link Smart Plug with WattTime #1” applet, to connect your smart plug.

(3) WattTime

• Follow the IFTTT prompts, open https://device.watttime.org in a web browser and set-up an account
• Input your Kasa log-in
• Follow the prompt back to the IFTTT page, input your location and turn the device toggle to “on”

Step 2: Plug it in!

A favorite way to see the technology working is with a lamp. While not practical, it’s a great demo because you’ll notice it turn on and off pending what power plant is responding to your device’s energy use. (We’ve set it to be conservative, so it won't turn off for more than 5 min out of every 15 min.) You can also use the technology for how it’s intended, as a “set it and forget it” implementation by using it to charge a phone, computer, refrigerator or any other of the 70% of devices that don’t need constant power.

Activating multiple smart plugs

Each smart plug is controlled by its own IFTTT applet, so if you have a second smart plug to connect, you’ll choose “#2” and so on for other plugs. All of your account log-ins will remain the same.

Need more help? support@watttime.org