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Nucor, Emissionality, and the Pursuit of Green Steel

New Report from WattTime and First Solar Explores How Two Key Factors Can Determine the Emissions Impact of Solar Projects

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The Sky is Falling: Why the Time for Automated Emissions Reduction is NOW

In the fabled European folk tale of Chicken Little, the story’s eponymous central character believes the world is coming to an end, famously declaring “The sky is falling!” In the centuries since, the idiom’s pop-culture usage has expanded to include the notion that disaster is imminent, whether such fears are founded or not. To read … Continued

Mercury Pollution Regulations Are Under Threat—How It Could Play Out

As the end of 2018 draws nearer, headlines are once again starting to crop up about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—under the current White House administration—considering significant rollbacks of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) regulations, possibly even setting the stage for a full repeal. This could be an unmitigated tragedy. In its … Continued